10 Tips on Playing Horror Games Alone for a Fearful Gamer

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Horror became a popular game genre today, especially after the emergence of games such as Five Nights at Freddy’s, Alien Isolation, Outlast and Resident Evil 7 the fourth successful steal the attention of gamers. But although popular, this genre is more a genre that is more often watched rather than played directly. The reason is of course because not everyone is strongly spooked.

As a person who often play horror games, maybe some tips below can help you to not afraid to solve the game horror by yourself and directly, not from watching the video let’s player on Youtube. Well without much longer, here are tips on playing your own horror game for the cowardly gamers.


  1. Turn on the lights or even play during the day

Somehow the darkness always makes anything feel more spooky, so it’s good to play horror games with lights on or even in broad daylight. It seems like an isolated instinct where the daylight seems calmer and more peaceful to play a horror game. Moreover, what kind of demons are wild in the daytime?


2. If the game is suddenly quiet and quiet, be prepared for a jumpscare

Jumpscare becomes an easy and cheap trick in scaring people, but until now it has always been effective. There is a reason why Five Nights at Freddy’s is so suddenly successful, and that’s because of his successful jumpscare to surprise the player. But do not you find the pattern when jumpscare in this horror game often happens? That is when the condition is quiet, quiet, and calm.


  1. If you are walking in a long corridor, beware

this one still has something to do with jumpscare because jumpscare seems to be the main reason people are afraid to play horror games right now. But as I explained earlier, jumpscare is often present in a separate pattern, which is quiet, quiet, and quiet. A long corridor is a time when it often happens. In this long corridor also often occur moment “pursued” by the monster or attacked by the monster. So prepare yourself if that happens.


  1. Increase the brightness to the maximum

Dark becomes the main trick developers in making the game look more spooky, but they sometimes still provide brightness options that make the game so bright that you can see what is in the dark room in front of you. So, if you’re afraid of the dark, maybe this can help.


  1. Shrink audio music in the game or play other music in the background

Another trick to making players afraid is to give terrible music or a loud jumpscare sound. So turning down the audio in the game or even turning the audio off might help. if there is no sound even make you feel lonely and scared, maybe try to play your favorite music in-background during play. But do not blame you if you even caught a monster in the game because you did not know the monster came from behind.


  1. Let yourself die captured by the monster

Maybe it sounds funny and you want to ask “why do I let myself be caught by the monster?” Because you’re not afraid of the monster, but fear what happens when the monster catches you. Try to think for a moment what happens if you caught the monster, just game over is not it? After that you will be returned from the checkpoint to repeat the segment.

So no one to let yourself be caught by the monster, and see what happens. Now you know when the monster comes in, like what if the monster catches you and maybe think of a strategy how not to get caught. Your fear will diminish because you know what’s going on, and also you know what the monster looks like when viewed closely. It may be that the monster looks cute to you or even has a crush on the monster.


  1. The monster’s love is a funny name

Who can be afraid when the monster has a funny name? Just imagine the monster in Amnesia The Dark Descent is named after Mr. F * ckface or The Peepee Poopoo Man, does not sound horrible anymore is it? Or try to imagine the monster in a funny condition, like Pyramid Head but only with underwear. The point is to make the monster in the mind no longer spooky by all means.


  1. Running fast towards the objective is like a thief chased by the police

Do not you realize that the sooner you walk toward the objective in the horror game, the more frightening the game is to you because you are increasingly overwhelmed by your fears that think something will happen every 5 seconds? Then try rush to your destination regardless of what happens in front of you later, and maybe your expectations will be feared by the game will be lost.


  1. Get used to yourselves to be feared, and you will not be easy to fear again in the future

The more often you play horror games, the more things you can guess, and the more sinister the game will be to you. This has happened to me personally, making it hard to find a game that is scary for me. The same thing happened to the famous Youtuber that is PewDiePie, he is famous often fear and excessive fear reaction is now rarely play horror game because he admits fewer games that is scary for him because he has too often play horror game.

So yes, there are times when you’ll get used to the formulas that horror game developers use and the harder you get to be spooked by horror games.


  1. Uninstall

If all the above tips do not help you, try uninstalling the game, because it’s the only solution we can give if you’re still scared.