Most Useful Mordhau Hack and Other Tips

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The hack’n’slay game Mordhau has taken the gaming world by storm. It is a revolutionary game because it allows the player to both defend and attack at the same time using only hand weapons.

Made by a Slovenian team using a Kickstarter campaign, you know this is a sure shot. It was released just a couple of weeks ago and it is already receiving a bunch of positive critics. See more about the game here.

As for any other game out there, Mordhau players are also able to install some cheating codes and dominate the battlefield. We’ll talk here about a few classic fighting tips, but also some cheating ideas for those that are not feeling like losing.

Learning to defend

This is a game where defending your self is highly important. Whatever weapon you’re using, you need to be aware of the situation and protect your position before … Read more