Travelling to Germany to get a PS5: Is it a good idea?

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Did you know that PlayStation 5 is the best-selling console created by Sony? Yes, you read that right! It did not just break the records set by PlayStation 4, but it broke those records within a matter of weeks or days in some countries. But the biggest drawback of the PlayStation 5 release was that it started to sell at scalped prices. Scalpers from all over the world started selling the console for double or even triple the MSRP of the console set by Sony. So is it worth spending that much money, or should you travel to a country like Germany to get a PlayStation 5? Will it be worth it? Let’s answer your questions!

How much does a PlayStation 5 cost in Germany?

Yes, scalpers did sell PlayStation 5 for higher prices when it arrived, even in Germany too. But if we precisely take a look at the …

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