What makes a gift the best gift? Is it by the cost of purchasing the gift? Or is it evaluated by the importance or usefulness of the gift to the recipient? How do we determine which gift is best for children, teenagers, or adults, male, female, or other categories? When we consider original Christmas gifts ideas, we think of clothing, homeware, jewelry, home decorations, and other such products. In recent times, however, gaming products and services have also made it to the list of gifts that have a wide audience and are well appreciated.

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The gaming industry has a huge following, and the multimillion-dollar industry has global appeal with an abundance of value-chain from software developers to graphics designers, from programmers to voice artists, and so on. There are different generations of gaming consoles, categorized according to the specification of release, period, and gameplay. New generation consoles mean an upcoming generation of consoles in the global market. In line with gaming stores’ reviews, however, the very best gaming gifts for the season are new generation consoles, and here’s why:

·         Most of these new gaming consoles receive a lot of hype on the internet and in the gaming community and are usually considered choice products as they have a long queue of pre-orders that makes it unlikely to easily get a unit for a few months after its release. This not only increases the value of the console, but it also grants boasting rights to those who are privileged to get a unit early.

·         Some publishers strategically time the launch of new consoles towards the end of the year, since that is the period that allegedly records a high volume of sales for essential and non-essential commodities alike. This serves two purposes – first, the whole of the year has been spent to build the expectations of people in the gaming community, and secondly, the likelihood of high sales due to the timing leads to the success of the gaming console. As an adult or a child, this increases the value of the new generation console as a Christmas gift in multiple folds.

·         These kinds of gifts are also easy to hide. Since you will likely be preordering, you do not have to spend a lot of time sneaking around or hiding to wrap the gift during the season. This way, the genuine surprise on the face of your loved one can mirror the joy in your heart as they have no inkling of the efforts you already made.

Apart from the element of competition which makes the game publishers launch around the same time, innovations in trends and advancements in the gaming industry are some other determinants of the generation of consoles. In 2020, there are only two categories of new generation consoles making waves: the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, both released in November. This year heralds the ninth generation of gaming consoles, with the eight-generation released between 2013 to 2019. There are also two types of each category of new gen consoles, the Playstation 5 (base version) and the Playstation 5 (Digital), both released by Sony. Released by Microsoft Xbox are the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, with the former being the base version.

As the Christmas season approaches, and people begin to package the gifts for their loved ones, people with game enthusiasts in their lives should just buckle up to get the next gen consoles if they want to deliver that ‘awww’ effect. Many of these consoles are versatile and compatible with previous models and game releases while offering better gameplay and other such specifications.

Are new gen consoles the best Christmas gifts this year? Yes, if the recipient is a game lover!