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Some video game franchises are popular for a few weeks, and then die off. Others don’t even get to that stage before they’re forgotten about. But some of them are so loved that even today, new games within the franchise come out. 

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Sonic the Hedgehog

In the past, most of us thought of Hedgehogs as cute little spiky animals that lived in the forest and liked to keep themselves to themselves.

That was until Sonic came along.

As we all know, the thing that separates Sonic from all of the other Hedgehogs is, of course, the fact that he’s blue!

I’m joking.

Sonic super fast, he’s able to outrun even speeding cars, so I won’t be challenging him to a race anytime soon. In his life Sonic has done more than just collect golden hoops, he’s played at the Olympics with Mario, fought against knights, and even engaged in a few battles.


Mario is an Italian plumber who happens to be hopelessly in love with a beautiful princess, who has a terrible habit of always getting kidnapped by a scary monster called Bowser.

 But no matter what kind of trouble she gets into, she can always rely on Mario to come along and save the day.

When he first came onto the scene, he wasn’t even the title character, he was merely the playable character in Donkey Kong’s game.

But since then he’s gone onto having his own wild adventures, racing go-carts, exploring new worlds, going into space, and even going on a holiday.

Lara Croft

She’s sexy, independent, and always getting into trouble. I am of course talking about one of the greatest women in video game history “Lara Croft”.

When she first started on the scene, she was in Egypt, exploring the tombs of the long-dead pharaohs, and getting through all of the traps that came her way. She’s basically Indiana Jones, only hot.

Even as her graphics have gotten sharper, and the gameplay has become more complex, Lara is still the same girl she was when she first entered her first tomb.


Pokemon is a franchise that covers so much more than just video games, they also have playing cards, and a tv show.

There are so many Pokemon video games out there, this article would turn into an encyclopedia if I were to talk about all of them. But the general idea behind all of them is that you travel around the place, collecting Pokemon as you go.

In 2016, they had the idea of turning the outside world into a Pokemon game, with the introduction of Pokemon go. Perhaps in the future, there will be other outside based video games.

But even though the individual games leave the realm of popularity, our love for Pokemon will never diminish.

Where to find these video Games

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