What's the Best Game Console for Kids? | Common Sense Media

One of the fun ways to keep your kids engaged is by providing them with games. The games will help to keep them busy by helping them catch fun while they also learn. Many people do not pay attention to the educative parts of games but playing games develop the mental capacity of the player in so many ways. The games can also help to keep your kids busy while you attend to other things within or outside the house. Depending on their level of interest in games, you could get as much as over 5 hours of spare time without worrying about your kids because you already know how much time they spend on games at a time on the average. You can take advantage of such knowledge to engage in productive activities. If you are wondering the best game consoles to buy for your children, there is no best. However, buying any of these devices for children will serve as a great console for their games.

Sony PlayStation 5

Sony PlayStation 5 is a dedicated game console that was released in November 2020. The device is the favourite of many gamers who constantly try to get the latest version as soon as it is made available. You should consider buying a Sony PlayStation 5 console for your children if you want to invest in the best consoles. However, you should also get children games for PlayStation 5 as your children might be bored or unable to play games meant for adults. You can read consoles and gadget reviews to know the type of games other people who bought the Sony PlayStation 5 for their children are buying.

Microsoft Xbox Series X

In a not too close, but very interesting competition with the Sony PlayStation, 5 is the Microsoft Xbox Series X. If you don’t want to buy the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X is going to be one of two of your next choice if you want to buy a dedicated game console for your children. The Xbox has many games that your children can play on it. You can read reviews about ShopTo to see if they are the right place to buy games for your children.

Nintendo Switch

Another popular console that you can get for your children is the Nintendo switch. It is among the top 3 most common dedicated game consoles in the world alongside Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X. Hence, they are also a type of console that your kids will highly appreciate. If these latest versions of the consoles are too expensive for you, it is worthy of note that you could get used earlier version from those who want to upgrade to the latest version at very affordable prices.


Desktop computers and laptops are other options of consoles that you can get for your kids. Even though they are not directly referred to as consoles, they are also devices on which you can play games. There are USB gamepads that you can attach to a personal computer when you want to play games. There is also the fact that there are gaming laptops that you can invest in for your kids. Apart from playing games, your children will be able to enjoy other activities they can carry out on the computer.

Phones and tablets

Phones and tablets are another set of devices that are great for playing games. Hence, you could buy them phones and tablets that can support gaming. You can also opt for children phones and tablets that are cheaper and more durable.