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Did you know that PlayStation 5 is the best-selling console created by Sony? Yes, you read that right! It did not just break the records set by PlayStation 4, but it broke those records within a matter of weeks or days in some countries. But the biggest drawback of the PlayStation 5 release was that it started to sell at scalped prices. Scalpers from all over the world started selling the console for double or even triple the MSRP of the console set by Sony. So is it worth spending that much money, or should you travel to a country like Germany to get a PlayStation 5? Will it be worth it? Let’s answer your questions!

How much does a PlayStation 5 cost in Germany?

Yes, scalpers did sell PlayStation 5 for higher prices when it arrived, even in Germany too. But if we precisely take a look at the situation now, you can, fortunately, get a PS5 in Germany at MSRP. Sony set the price of PS5 in Germany at 499 Euros. And of course, if you are actually going to buy it from the official Sony Store or partnered stores, you can easily find it there. 

Even the third-party stores in Germany are selling it for around 550 Euros. As for the highest price you would find there, it would be around 600 Euros as everyone knows the availability of PS5 in the German region is quite good now. 

Should you travel to Germany just to get a PlayStation 5?

It solely depends on your preferences and the current location. If you live in Europe, then yes, it would definitely be worth it to travel to Germany, even just to get a PS5. But if you live in Asia, the cost of travelling will be higher than what you would pay for the console in your own country.

If you are precisely going on a business trip or a family trip, or you already have a Visa in Germany, then again, it will be worth it to travel. Just don’t go off the mark and spend a lot of money just to get to Germany. This is because it will cost you a lot more than you would have planned. 

Why should you get PlayStation 5 and not any other console?

You might be really wondering why this article focuses only on the PlayStation 5 and not the other consoles like Xbox Series X. Well, the simple reason is, PS5 is one the most popular consoles there ever is that does not only support the latest games, but many companies bring exclusive titles for it too. This means that those games are only available for the PS5 and not in any other place.

So why not go with the latest-gen console that would be able to serve you for at least the next 4-5 years. But still, it depends on your preferences too that what you like. Many people go with Xbox or PCs too to fulfill their gaming needs.


Now evaluate where you are living now and how easy it would be to reach Germany. You can also calculate the expenses and compare them to what you are paying for a PS5 in your country.