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This online game is an online game that has been played and is famous among MMORPG lovers. World of Warcraft made by Blizzard game developer has existed since a few years ago starting from PC games that carry the type of strategy. Currently World of Warcraft has an MMORPG type that can be played simultaneously by players from all over the world. Well, in this game of course the players want to play their character to be the greatest and strongest. To achieve this desire, it is very important to do the leveling process. For leveling, we can do several things that support speed in this leveling. Here, we will discuss several ways so that we, especially beginners, can increase the level of character quickly and easily. We can also use wow powerleveling by buying tools provided by developers to help us improve our character’s abilities, in other words, booster.

Run Existing Quests

To increase WoW leveling, we can use existing quests in the NPC. What are quests? Quests are tasks that we must do with several conditions that must be met. If we have done the task, we will get rewards such as experience and money from completed quests. Well, existing quests can usually be found on the NPC on each map. For the beginning of the game, we will run a training quest first. Furthermore, there will be a number of quests that we can do and of course will have a quick impact on our character leveling process. One of them is the Battle of Azeroth. This quest can be done with the condition that the level is above 120. Now to carry out this quest, you can start another quest first.

Join the Guild

The first way to interact with other players is to go to a crowded place. One of the crowded places you can visit to be able to interact with other players is Ironforge or Stormwind City. To go to this place, you can use teleportation techniques with mage’s portal. Another way to be able to interact with other players is to look for players who already have a guild. To find out if the player already has a guild or not, you can look in the character name section. If he already has a guild, the guild’s name will appear at the bottom of his character. If you do not want to bother doing the above method, then you can wait until there is an invitation to join a guild. If you get an invitation, then you must accept the invitation first to join the guild. After that, you can interact with other guild members. Joining the guild will help you to Level boost wow character.

Remember, you also have to actively participate in the game as members help each other if you want to increase your position in the guild. In the guild, there is a top position, where when you just join and do not participate properly then you will get angry by them. Some guilds with good reputation will usually give notice before sending invitations.