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The hack’n’slay game Mordhau has taken the gaming world by storm. It is a revolutionary game because it allows the player to both defend and attack at the same time using only hand weapons.

Made by a Slovenian team using a Kickstarter campaign, you know this is a sure shot. It was released just a couple of weeks ago and it is already receiving a bunch of positive critics. See more about the game here.

As for any other game out there, Mordhau players are also able to install some cheating codes and dominate the battlefield. We’ll talk here about a few classic fighting tips, but also some cheating ideas for those that are not feeling like losing.

Learning to defend

This is a game where defending your self is highly important. Whatever weapon you’re using, you need to be aware of the situation and protect your position before you make a strong attack. The left mouse button is for attacking and the right one is for parrying the attack of the opponent.

Whenever you see anyone trying to hit you, block their attempt and then make your move. You’ll see that once you block, you have more time to act than the other guy. It’s just like real life, once you throw a punch and miss, you need a moment to turn around and act. By the time, you’re a much easier target unless you’re a skilled fighter.

It’s the same in Mordhau. The game is based on the real way medieval swordsmen and rogues fought, so you’ll have a firsthand experience on how it looked back in the day.

Another very useful key is the left ctrl that makes you crouch. You can combine it with some of the keys that go left or right and crouch as you move. This will help you avoid the hit and get you basically behind the back of the opponent allowing you an open shot. Remember that you need to act fast after you dodged the attack because you might not have another clear chance to strike back. See all the controls here:

Cool attacking tips

In order to score and win, you have to destroy the enemy. How do you do that? Simple. Just aim that sword into the other person’s head. The only problem is, they are expecting you to do that and will surely defend.

They say that Mordhau is more psychological game than physical. It’s all about making others think that you’ll do something else. One of our favorite tips on attacking is throwing your weapon at the opponent. No one expects you to do this, so use the option wisely because if you miss, you’ll be left without it. However, hitting the target from afar can be really fun and effective. Until they realize you throw something at them, it will be too late.

Another cool tip is playing unaware of the happening on the battlefield. Before you enter into the brawl have a good look of everyone involved. Let someone think that you’re not focused on them and you don’t see them but expect their attack. Just before they hit you, turn to them and strike first.

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Hacks and cheats

There are more hacks and cheat for Mordhau online. One of the best is the Mordhau auto blocking hack. As you already assumed, the cheat code is enabled every time someone tries to hit you. It’s a sure way to dominate the field as no one can actually hurt you. Of course, you’ll have to actually stab someone too in order to win, but we’re guessing that’ the easy part.

Another great option is the 3D ESP hack. With it, you are able to mark everyone on the battlefield and easily recognize how is the right person to attack, how to beware from, and recognizing the opponents will be too easy.

Knowing that playing live needs a lot of concentration and you can’t press all the right buttons at all the right times, it’s great to have an assistant in these critical moments when you’re under attack. If your goal is to be on top, don’t hesitate to you the cheats.