Video games are easy channel for money launderers | Financial Times

Product keys are specific software keys for a computer program. They certify that the program you are installing is genuine and original. Not all publishers use keys as copyright protection, but those that do use it to verify that the game has not been copied without authorization. To achieve this, publishers issue users that have acquired the appropriate license with software license keys.

So many published games are quite expensive, and since many people, all immersed in the videogames culture, want to play them, they try other illegal options. Many unpleasant surprises come with going the roundabout way when purchasing video game keys. Some of them are;

  • Pirated versions

One of the common ways of getting cheap games is to buy a pirated version of the game. The downside of buying these versions is that malware is distributed through them. This malware is often disguised as game cracks and activators—most of the time, the traps they set are difficult to find out and evade.

  • Rogue activation codes

Another way to buy games at a low price is to purchase the keys from an unofficial store. Prices offered on these stores are lower than those on the official sites and are therefore attractive to many gamers.

The downside here is that scammers sometimes disguise themselves as genuine sellers, and it is a difficult task to distinguish between the reliable ones and the scammers.

The keys might have been stolen or intended for journalists. Usually, these fake keys are revoked by the publishers, and it doesn’t work for the game.

  • Ready-made accounts

Another way is to buy a ready-made account that is already filled up with games. Such bargains can be great. You have a lot of games already bought, and you get them for a cheaper deal. The downside here is that the seller could be a scammer who leaves you with no money and no account. What’s worse? There is no place to seek redress since the transfer of accounts has been declared illegal.

Another downside is that the account might be stolen. The original owner can request for his or her account back, which leaves you in the wrong place. Summarily, if you go the roundabout way to purchase the game keys, you are left in unpleasant situations.

Where can I purchase reliable game keys?

With the above-highlighted downsides involved in purchasing keys outside official sites, the sites that would offer reliable game keys are the official publishers of the game or stores that have been given the go-ahead by the official store. To recognize reputable second-hand sites, like McGame, you can depend on the reviews on the services offered by previous customers. Read the opinions on McGame here.

It is always better to read reviews of other customers before making any purchase on the game activation keys. As long as the vendors of the keys are reliable, there is no problem with purchasing the game keys.

The developers of the games we all enjoy lose when you go the roundabout way to purchasing the game. It is always best to support them and fight against the spread of piracy and other illegal activities.