Funny GamesNote: It is troublesome to current a meaningful discussion of Funny Games without giving away main plot points. As a result, there are two critiques. This is the non-spoiler overview, which limits spoilers to a bare minimal. For a extra full discussion, click on here for the spoiler overview , however be warned – that review doesn’t disguise something.

The plot is pared down and simple. A middle-class Austrian family comprising of Georg (Ulrich Muhe) and Anna (Susanne Lothar) and their son Georg Jr (the two names usually utilized by Haneke) travel to their vacation home within the nation. There they encounter two younger neighbours, Peter (Frank Giering) and Paul (Arno Frisch). At first they seem polite and harmless sufficient, however upon being invited inside progressively proceed to terrorise the family, initially imposing themselves past comfy social custom earlier than finally assaulting, taking hostage and enjoying sadistic video games on them.

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The same could be mentioned for Michael Haneke’s meta dwelling invasion horror, Funny Games, which premiered on the Cannes Film Festival 20 years in the past. The devil on this case is violence in the mass media, and slasher films specifically, which Haneke deemed to be each morally reprehensible and pointless. Yet in making what was meant as a dour satire of violence as entertainment in well-liked cinema, the German director inadvertently made an exemplary horror movie – one that shocked its viewers in a lot the same manner because the movies he was chastising.