At present, buying a new computer is not that difficult. It’s not difficult, it means you have an unlimited budget. But for those of you who have a small budget, buying a new computer must be done very carefully. The reason is, if you buy the wrong item, it will not only be of poor quality, but also waste your money. Therefore, before you buy a new computer, you should see the explanation of tips on buying a computer so you don’t regret it later.

1. Ensure and Adjust as Needed

Tips on buying a computer in the first place, you need to pay attention to the adjustments to your needs later. So you need to consider what you are buying a new computer for. If used for office purposes, buy a computer with below average specifications. If you need a computer for gaming and other heavy work, you need medium to high specs.

2. Understand and Choose the Appropriate Specifications

All the components on a computer are important, but there are several components that determine computer performance. Some of these components include CPU, RAM, Storage, and GPU.
The CPU is the brain and core of the computer’s performance itself. Therefore, if you have more funds go for a new generation of CPU. Apart from that RAM is also a very important component in the performance of a computer, currently at least the computer has 4 GB of RAM to run Windows 10 optimally.
Furthermore, storage becomes storage on a computer, currently SSD is the right choice to support computer performance. Another component that you need to pay attention to is the GPU, if you want to use it as a gaming desktop, you should choose a GPU that has high performance. But if you don’t want high performance on your PC, just choose a GPU that can display your PC.

3. Pay attention to Computer Software

Tips on buying a new computer, namely pay attention to the software used. On new PCs there are usually offers for the desired software and applications. If you are using a Windows operating system, make sure some Windows built-in apps and software will also be installed. If you require the installation of a particular application, make sure that the application can run on the system you are using. This is because not all software and applications may be compatible with all operating systems.
Some important applications that need to be added are Antivirus. Anti-virus software must be installed on the computer to protect the computer system.

4. Pay Attention to Other Support Devices

To use a standard computer, you only need the necessary computer hardware. These devices include monitors, mice, keyboards, and computer networks. Other enhancements You can add printers, sound systems, CD-ROMs, and other peripherals.