We have heard so much about not eating close to the computer from various computer manufacturers and experts. However, a large percentage of people have ignored this warning and continuously ate at their computer desk.

Are you one of those who cannot stop yourself from eating at your computer? Then, you need to learn and apply some strategies to ensure you don’t destroy your computer due to a spill from your cup of coffee or oil from your food.

As much as you try to avoid eating at your computer, it gets to a time when it becomes too difficult to avoid that act. You can’t seem to get your eyes off your computer due to the urgency or importance of the task you are handling, and eating at your computer becomes inevitable.

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Meanwhile, if you must eat at your computer, below are great strategies you should use:

  1. Cover your keyboard with a plastic bag

If you must eat at your computer, you need to cover your keyboard. Your keyboard is one part of the computer you don’t want to have issues with. So, to avoid leaving food spills and particles on your keyboard, ensure you cover it before you eat.

  1. Use a sliding keyboard tray

If you don’t have a keyboard tray, then it is time to get one. Using a sliding tray at your computer table is best for you because particles and spills will be on the tray. And if there are leftovers, they will remain on the keyboard tray. The sliding keyboard tray gives lots of room between your keyboard and your food.

  1. If you must take cereals, use a cup or a water bottle

You know that cereals are likely to make a mess when consuming them. Milk may spill on your keyboard or particles from the cereals may drop on your keyboard. Hence, it is safer to use a cup or water bottle when eating your cereals.

  1. Consume fruits and vegetables that don’t make a mess at your computer

If you take fruits like watermelon or pineapple, you are likely to spill the water on your computer keyboard because such fruits contain water. If you must take fruits, then take fruits that won’t make a mess. Fruits like banana, pear, berries, etc. are solid, and don’t spill liquid or make a mess, even vegetables or salad are great.

  1. Eat foods that are solid and without sauce

Meats like ham, beef, chicken, or turkey don’t drip and are great to eat at your computer. Foods like mashed potatoes or refried beans are solid and can glue any meal like rice when eating so it doesn’t spill. Such meals will not create a mess.

Since you cannot stop yourself from eating at your computer, you need to eat strategically. That way you can be confident that you won’t spill anything on your keyboard. Also, if you must take tea or coffee, ensure it is not too hot so as not to damage your keyboard even if it spills.