Ever since the early days of the internet gamers have turned online to look for walkthroughs, tips, and advice for the video games that they play. Today video game guides are as popular as ever – and the only difference is that they are now mostly in video form.

If you’re skilled at a particular game, have played it back to front, and know every secret and hidden feature – you may want to create a guide of your own. When you do there are three tips in particular that you should keep in mind to make sure it is effective:

  • Focus each video on a specific topic

Gamers don’t really like general game guides that much anymore, mostly because they are long and it can be difficult to find specific information within them. Think about it: Would you want to sit through a 20 minute video just to find a single nugget of information?

Because of that you should focus your game guide on a topic that is specific. For example “How to Beat Diablo 3” is not very specific and would require a very long video to explain, whereas “How to Enter Diablo 3’s Secret Cow Level” is specific, and you could probably cover it in a video that is a minute or two long.

  • Show every step clearly

At its core your game guide should consist of a series of steps, and it is important that you ‘show’ each one as clearly as possible. Recording a video does make it easier to show viewers exactly what action’s you’re performing in-game, but you need to also keep in mind actions that may not be visible – such as any keyboard shortcuts that you press.

If the action is complicated or requires a series of quick steps, you may want to find ways to ensure the steps can be seen clearly. To do that you could pause the video at various points and explain – or better yet, use slow motion.

  • Make sure the voiceover quality is good

Video game guides conventionally have a voiceotes each step and provides additional explanations. If you want your guide to be able to effectively explain the steps, it needs to have a high quality voiceover.

It is important that you enunciate properly so that viewers are able to easily understand what you are saying. On top of that you may want to make sure the audio quality that is recorded is good, and should use a decent microphone to record it.

Learning how to make a tutorial video for a game is really quite easy, but will largely depend on the software that you use – such as Movavi Screen Capture Studio for example. The tips listed above will apply regardless of the software that you choose to record your video game guide however.

At the end of the day your goal should be to create a guide that anyone can watch and immediately understand what they need to do.

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