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3 Tips to Create Effective Video Game Guides

3 Tips to Create Effective Video Game Guides

Ever since the early days of the internet gamers have turned online to look for walkthroughs, tips, and advice for the video games that they play. Today video game guides are as popular as ever – and the only difference is that they are now mostly in video form.

If you’re skilled at a particular game, have played it back to front, and know every secret and hidden feature – you may want to create a guide of your own. When you do there are three tips in particular that you should keep in mind to make sure it is effective:

  • Focus each video on a specific topic

Gamers don’t really like general game guides that much anymore, mostly because they are long and it can be difficult to find specific information within them. Think about it: Would you want to sit through a 20 minute video just to find … Read more